About Me


A good Creative Director doesn’t have all the answers, they have all the questions.


How do I write something about myself that doesn’t sound too ‘me, me, me’?

What’s the perfect tone of voice. Would a picture help?

Maybe I just need a simple list?


• What would it be like to work with a creative director with 20+ years experience in advertising, marketing and design?

• Or one with award winning TV commercial writing, story boarding, art directing & production experience?

• Experience creating big budget advertising campaigns for brands like GM, Burger King, Coca-Cola, Mars?

• Or managing the nuances and technical details of UI, UX, app design and development?

• Trade show design and production supervision?

• Do you think a skilled confident presenter would come in handy?

• One with product development through to packaging design experience would be nice, right?

• How about a meticulous copywriter with a deep appreciation of the greats like Ogilvy and Bernbach?

• An upbeat motivating manager of design teams, developers and external vendors would be good too?

• An entrepreneurial spirit who’s run their own design company and guitar stores?

• Or a CD that’s worked with all kinds of personalities from celebrity actors and voice over talent to professional musicians?

• How many creative directors are expert luthiers?

• How many creative directors even know what a luthier is?

• Played the Whiskey ‘back in the day’?

• Rebuilt vintage Fender Rhodes stage pianos?

• Photographer?



I’ll always have more questions. I hope you do too. They keep life interesting don’t you think?

More importantly though, I think they allow a brand to flourish, not just financially, but also professionally and culturally.

Questions make us think, and when we think, we connect with our teams and colleagues, we ask more questions and we collaborate.

Then the wheels turn, and we find the strategic paths and interesting stories that move us forward.